MAD FRAME: Mad Sets Customization Service

News > Company News  |  March 12, 2019

MAD FRAME, a brand new full-pipeline visual effects and animation company.

We want to achieve a highly customized digital environment pipeline, which creates endless digital environment by procedural placement, and supports customization of special elements required by client. These digital scenes can be applied to our existing film and television effects pipeline, and can also be used as conceptual design to quickly show a director what he want.

The most important feature of our digital scene is that it can be transformed into a version of UE4, and can be used in the virtual studio system from Revotimes to make real-time shooting and compositing. This is the most advanced shooting technology used in the movie “Jungle Book”, which enables customers to see customized backgrounds and real-time compositing in the green screen studio. Of course, the effect of this real-time compositing is only for overall review. When the shooting is finished, all the data of the real camera will be directly send to our post production studio, and converted into a computer digital camera to render and composit the customized digital scene with high quality.

This idea is somewhat complicated, but it’s easy to understand that Mad Sets Customization Service can make digital scenes more processed and industrialized. Through procedural scene assembly, we greatly shorten the production process of digital scenes creating, and seamlessly apply them to shooting. The biggest difficulty of Mad Sets Customization is to reduce the repetitive feeling and suit the different needs of each film. We can custom made of weather and time, props and plants in the scene, street network and so on, and create unlimited possibilities with limited assets.

Mad Sets Customization Shop is now free to place orders, You can experience it anytime!